Patty Jablonowski - Director of Field ServicesPatty brings over 25 years of experience in market research and management to Beyond the Table Research (BTTR). In addition, she has been an integral part of AMG Research, BTTR’s sister company, and holds the position of Director of Field Services. Patty oversees our team of Executive Project Coordinators, Recruiters, and Interviewers. She is responsible for finding innovative ways to ensure quality respondents are recruited in a timely manner for your project.

Patty has shown her dedication and love of the company by improving moral, participation, and wellbeing of the employees of AMG Research by implementing a bi-weekly wellness program. She recognized that an improvement of wellness and participation of the employees would create a more well-balanced and healthy working environment. Recently, Patty sought out and hired a yoga instructor to help employees find mind and body wellness, a must in today’s workplace environment.

While away from the office, Patty has a passion for yoga, gardening and a love of the outdoors. She enjoys spending time with her family and her two grandsons.

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