What makes us BTTR?

We’re more than just a focus facility.

Unlike many facilities, BTTR is affiliated with a nationally recognized research firm, AMG Research. AMG is a market research company located in Pittsburgh, PA. Established in 1991, AMG specializes in market research-based consulting for industrial, medical/healthcare, professional/trade associations and consumer markets. AMG provides a variety of services including:

  • New product development research
  • Ad testing and brand analysis
  • Pricing studies
  • Market size and market share
  • Conjoint analysis and more
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Beyond the Table Research (BTTR) is Pittsburgh’s most advanced market research facility. Within a quick drive from the Pittsburgh International Airport and downtown, BTTR’s location makes any project more efficient and easy for you.

The state-of-the-art facility includes spacious, modern rooms, advanced technology, and a knowledgeable staff that’s on-site and responsive to your needs. BTTR has everything you need to conduct world-class research.