Amy Boren

Amy Boren is a skilled and experienced Moderator, Recruiter, and Back-up Administrator who excels at selling outcomes, not intangibles, in fast-paced industries. She has a wide range of competencies, including qualitative research, advanced behavioral techniques, and conducting interviews, focus groups, and observations. As a lifelong learner and entrepreneur, Amy has worked for various market research organizations and has also owned and operated her own firm for several years. She is highly competent at working with competitor/consumer data and can relate difficult information into a cohesive and effortless understandable story that supports stakeholders’ marketing vision.

Amy has moderated focus groups and conducted research in various industries, including Legal Issues, Healthcare, Consumer Packaged Goods, Non-profit, Restaurants, and Community Issues. She has used various virtual platforms, including Zoom, Teams, and Google, and is familiar with Zoom’s capability to have a virtual backroom.

Amy typically charges $2,000 for a focus group, including screener development, discussion outline, moderating session, and an Executive Summary, which may cost $2500 depending on depth. Her rates for IDIs are between $3-500, and her travel rate per day is $400 plus food and lodging (receipts). She charges between $100-$400 for recruiting depending on the project, such as App Developers, B to B (AI tools), or B to C (Large National database).

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